Tamil American Peace Initiative calls for all Sri Lankans to vote for peaceful change to address underlying issues of the war.

Published On Friday, January 22, 2010
The Tamil American Peace Initiative (TAPI), a group of Tamil Americans dedicated to peaceful change in Sri Lanka, said today that the Sri Lankan presidential election on January 26th will be instrumental in achieving a lasting peace on the island and addressing the underlying causes of the country’s 30-year war. The group called on all voters in Sri Lanka to vote for a new government that will focus on healing the country’s deep divisions.
About TAPI

The Tamil American Peace Initiative (TAPI) was formed by group of Tamil Americans to help bring lasting peace, justice, democracy, and economic development to Sri Lanka; to focus attention on the destruction of Tamil communities and culture caused by 30 years of war; and to demand an end to the continuing oppression of Tamils on the island.

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